How A Bladeless Ceiling Fan Cools Your Home

This is certain to be good news for many people who are tired of huge blades revolving above their heads in the name of fans. You can now have a bladeless ceiling fan to provide the cool air that you so crave.

The use of vortex airflow technology is relatively new in the application of fans. That partly explains all the excitement that surrounds the unveiling of this type of fan. Some people say that it is long overdue, considering the numerous disadvantages of its predecessors.

Bladeless Ceiling Fan

Bladeless Ceiling Fan

You can now use a bladeless ceiling fan to regulate room temperature without fear of losing your neck when if you have a low ceiling. The long blades of the old fans were a security risk in the home. They gave the impression of a chopper’s propeller blades. Due to the potential danger, people had to build houses with ceiling that was very high. If the ceiling was too low, you had no chance of installing a fan to cool your home during warm weather.

The innovative new design of the bladeless ceiling fan ensures that an entire room receives a cool breeze from a single fan. The traditional fan requires you to be directly beneath the fan to enjoy cool air. Instead of blades, the innovation employs the use of spinning discs. The discs move air within the walls through a laminar movement, enabling an even distribution of cool air.

Unlike traditional ceiling fans, the bladeless fan makes little noise despite the fact that a high efficiency motor powers it. The fan sweeps the air in a circular motion and vortex pattern. You are guaranteed efficiency when you use this fan. This is because the technology has undergone various types of testing to ensure perfection.

The bladeless ceiling fan if considered good for your health if you suffer from respiratory conditions. Traditional fans are known to gather dust on the floor or furniture and swirl it in the air you breathe. Since a bladeless fan does not cause air to rise in a single place, it is very safe.

Most people agree that the design is cooler than that of a traditional fan. The bladeless fan has a non-reversing flow that operates more efficiently that a traditional fan in winter mode. Cleaning the fan is easy because of the lack of blades. There is no need to reverse the fan because it can draw up heat upwards and forcing cool air down in whichever direction. The creation of updrafts and downdrafts creates the airflow that cools the room.

The bladeless ceiling fan has the potential to be an affordable but vital gadget in the home. It is cheaper to run, as it consumes very little power. Judging by the response to the early releases of the bladeless fan, it seems that this invention is going to be huge in the market.

You should be among the first people to try this gadget while stocks last. When people realize what an asset it is to have the fan in the home, it will be difficult for you to get it easily.

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Exhale Fan – World’s First Truly Bladeless Ceiling Fan.

For over 100 years, ceiling fan manufacturers have yet to innovate when it comes to the blades on their fans. Although they continue to create interesting design with their products, there have been no real changes in the way they move air.

The Exhale™ Fan breaks convention. Inspiration from the 19th century inventor, Nikola Tesla led our innovation. Our bladeless fan utilizes the science of laminar flow. This translates into an uninterrupted 360° airflow, generating less noise and bringing pure comfort to any room. The gentle vortex that is created transforms your space, just like a spring breeze.

Our company is introducing the Exhale™ fan to the market to meet the need of additional comfort as well as appeal to the sophisticated designer in all of us.

For more information, check us out at and sign up for a early go-live notification.

3 thoughts on “How A Bladeless Ceiling Fan Cools Your Home”

  1. I am interested in purchasing a fan but I have a couple of questions. For instance, my room is almost five feet wider than the room you recommend for this fan.
    Also, since the way your fan works is so unique, would be it affected if the windows and doors are open?
    Finally, is there any place here in New York were I could see/sample the fan?

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